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MP: Movement for Vindhya Pradesh, legislator moves ahead, comes up with flag and logo

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BHOPAL: After sixty five years, the movement for a separate Vindhya state is once again at the centre-stage.

BJP legislator Narayan Tripathi has been at the forefront and has been leading the demand to carve out a new state from Eastern part of MP.

Tripathi has now released a flag and logo for the proposed state. Though BJP state leadership has cautioned him, Tripathi is going ahead with the movement. Slogans like 'Harama Vindhya Hamein Lauta Do' coined. 

After he spearheaded the movement and kept on demanding the new state, Tripathi was called to Bhopal. However, he remains defiant. Vindhya is considered a backward part of the state now and its distance from the capital Bhopal is also a reason that a section of people feel the region is neglected.

Tripathi has said that Vindhya lacks hospitals and educational institutions. "There is unemployment and lack of development. The feeling of the people must be respected", he says. Tripathi has written to PM also and claimed that within a few years, it will be carved out as a new state. He says that former PM AB Vajpayee always favoured small states.


Vindhya state existed for a while after independence. It included the former princely states of the central Indian Agency, parts of Baghelkhand and Bundelkhand and Datia, with its capital in Rewa, but was merged to form Madhya Pradesh in 1956. Chhattisgarh was carved out of MP in 2000. However, MP still remains a huge state.