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MP: Ailing old man forced by bank to be personally present for money deposit dies

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Special Correspondent

Bhopal: An 86-year-old ailing man, whose personal presence or written permission was insisted upon by State Bank of India (SBI) officials in Mandsaur of MP, died on Sunday without being able to deposit Rs 40,000 in old currency notes.

Before this, at least seven persons have lost lives in different parts of Madhya Pradesh due to demonetization related issues.

In the Mandsaur case, the old man, Shantilal Jain was brought to the SBI branch twice on December 21 and 22, despite his being on oxygen support, as the bank officials insisted that Jain either gave permission for the deposit either orally on in written.

However, Jain was in no condition to speak or write and kept sitting in an autorickshaw in which he was brought to the bank by his son. Despite the personal presence of Jain, the bank officials refused to deposit the money.

It was only after intervention of the lead bank and the local people’s representative that it was decided that the old currency would be deposited on Monday. However Jain breathed his last on Sunday, probably unable to cope up with the activities of the preceding days.

The lead bank manager has expressed regret over the incident saying that it had been decided that Shantilal Jain’s money would be deposited in his account on Monday in presence of a lead bank witness.

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