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MISHAP: More than 50 dead as overloaded bus falls in canal in Madhya Pradesh

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SIDHI/SATNA/BHOPAL: More than 50 persons have died in the mishap at Sidhi district in Eastern Madhya Pradesh. 

A bus that was on way towards Satna, fell into a canal in Sidhi district, causing the death of around 54 persons. 

The ill-fated bus had 61 passengers and just seven persons were saved. The remaining died in the accident. Those who perished included women and infant children too.

According to officials, the bus fell into the canal of Bansagar near Sharda Patna in Rampur Naikin. As soon as the information reached, rescue operations were initiated. However, the canal was filled to capacity and most of the passengers drowned. The driver managed to come out of the bus. 

One of the survivors, Vibha, said that she was going to Sidhi to appear in the exam for ANM. She said that the passengers told driver to slow down the bus, however, didn't listen and all of a sudden the rear portion of the bus was getting drowned and the water came in. "I held my brother's hand but couldn't save him. He was swept away. I don't even know how I survived", she told media persons. 

There was a jam on the other route--Govindpur Shahdol state highway, hence, the bus got diverted and came through this road. It was a 32 seat bus, however, by the team it reached Rampur Naikin, there were 61 persons in this bus. Apparently, at speed breacker, suddenly a truck appeared from the opposite side and trying to save it, the driver lost control and bus fell into the canal. 

The State government has announed a compensation of Rs 5 lakh each to kin of the victims. Besides, Rs 2 lakh each would be given from PM's care fund. Survivors remembered that women carrying infants in their lap, were sitting in the bus and all of them drowned. Many who died were students, going to appear in exam. The survivors also rued why examinations are kept at far away places.