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Meat shops closed in Delhi after Mayor's statement regarding meat sale during Navaratri

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NEW DELHI: Many shops selling meat and chicken remained closed in parts of Delhi after a Mayoral diktat over sale of non-vegetarian food articles during the ongoing Navaratri.

The shop owners feared that there would be action and their licences could be cancelled as Mayor had asked to keep shops shut for nine days. 

This is the first such occasion when meat or chicken sale has been regulated for such a long period. 

Mayor of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, Mukesh Suryaan, had stated that the shops should remain closed during Navaratri. After his statement, the East Delhi civic body mayor Shyam Sunder Aggarwal too endorsed the view.

Anticipating that civic body squads may take action, shops in several markets remained closed. In parts of neighbouring Western UP too, there were reports of vigilante groups asking non-veg shops to remain closed for nine days. Opposition leaders have, however, questioned the diktat.

In a letter to municipal commissioner, Suryaan mentioned that even garlic and onion aren't used in this period and the sight of meat makes people uncomfortable, hence, the shops should remain shut till April 11. TMC leader and member of parliament Mahua Mitra and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah are amongst those who have spoken against the close of shops. [Photo is for mere representational purpose]