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Man jumps into wife's funeral pyre, saved, later ends life in a well in Maharashtra

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CHANDRAPUR: A man committed suicide by jumping into a well, barely hours after he was rescued when he had thrown himself into his wife's funeral pyre. 

Kishor, 26, who worked with the regional transport office (RTO), was apparently heart-broken by his wife's death. Hence, he first tried to burn himself in her funeral pyre.

But as locals managed to save him, he jumped into a well and ended his life. His wife Ruchika had died recently. Ruchika's footwear was found near a well on Sunday. Her body was later recovered. On June 22, the last rites were being performed when her husband, Kishor, suddenly threw himself into the funeral pyre. 

Those who were present, managed to drag him out of the fire. However, soon he went to a well and committed suicide. His wife Ruchika was pregnant. The couple's kin said that the marriage was solemnised in the month of March, just before lockdown. It is not clear what prompted his wife to end life. 

However, Kishor couldn't bear the loss. He loved his wife too much and the thought of losing his wife as well as the child, apparently drove him to take the extreme step. After a foiled suicide bid, he ended his life in the well. Family members are shocked by the deaths. The police are investigating the circumstances that led to the suicides.