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Man booked in narcotics case, acquitted after 6 years in jail, family had suffered terribly

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BHOPAL/INDORE: A man had to spend more than six years in jail as he was apparenly framed in a false case of possession of narcotics.

The Indore sessions court has acquitted him, as no charge could be proved. 

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) claims about his arrest couldn't be confirmed either.

Gulsher, who hails from Rajasthan, is a farmer, who had come to Indore long back, when he was arrested. The NCB alleged that he possessed such quantity of drug that he couldn't get bail. 

As a result, he was arrested and sent to jail. Meanwhile, his wife and son suffered due to the arrest. For 6-1/2 years, they were literally dependent on neighbours' and charity, as they had no other support. His son had to leave school, because Gulsher's wife couldn't even pay for the fee.

The NCB had claimed that Gulsher was shown as arrested from near Khajrana police post and it was claimed that he came by taxi and that he had 400 grammes of heroin. But this could not be proved. No policeman from the Khajrana outpost could be made to appear as witness in the court.

The defense said that the entire case was fabricated and he was not on the spot at all, that has been claimed. For his wife, the trouble had begun as she didn't have means to even come from Rajasthan repeatedly to meet him. Gulsher has now been acquitted. The court held that the case was wrong and acquitted him. 


Besides, there was no chowki staff brought as witness in the case despite the chowki's reference given in FIR. Even the taxi that was claimed to have brought him, its driver or CCTV footage, could not be presented. The court considered all these aspects. Gulsher's child was five years old when his father was jailed and the boy is now 11, when Gulsher comes out of jail.

This is not the first such case that  has surfaced in the region. Just a few months ago, another youth Suhail Khan, 21, was allegedly detained and he had later died in custody. Five policemen were suspended, subsequently. The victim's kin had claimed that he was picked up, then money was demanded to release him, and was later allegedly beaten up and tortured, resulted in the death.