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Madhya Pradesh: RTI activist murdered in Vidisha, contractors among five arrested

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BHOPAL: Ranjeet Soni, an RTI activist, was shot dead in Vidisha.

Soni was shot in the head, a fatal wound that caused his death.

Three persons who hired a contract killer through a middle man, have been arrested for the killing. The incident had occurred near PWD campus in Vidisha.

According to police, those arrested include contractors Jaswant Raghuwanshi, S K Chaubey, Naresh Sharma apart from Shailendra Patel and Ankit Yadav.

It is learnt that Ankit alias Tunda was promised Rs 6 lakh for the contract killing. After the murder on Thursday, Ankit escaped and went to Silwani. On the basis of eyewitness account that he had a tattoo on his hand, and subsequent invetigation, the police cracked the crime.

The contractor Jaswant who has been arrested, had road construction works to the tune of tens of crores. He was upset because of the RTI applications filed regarding the works, said police sources. The weapon used in the crime has been recovered. Ranjeet was an RTI activist and had filed nearly 175 applications for information under the act in PWD and civic body.