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Madhya Pradesh: Karni Sena decides to end its agitation in Bhopal, govt forms panel

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BHOPAL: The Karni Sena's agitation that was going on in Bhopal for the last few days, has been called off.

The group agreed to leave the spot and end the agitation after a meeting with the minister Arvind Bhadoria.

State government has said that demands would be considered and a committee would examine 18 out of 22 demands that had been put forward.

The MP government has formed a panel that has three senior officials. It will give report on these 18 points in two months. Four of the 22 points were not discussed as decision can be made on those points at Union level. These include reservation on financial grounds, that a beneficiary family can't again get reservation, there should be no arrest on arrest before inquiry.

The organisation's members were sitting at Mahatma Gandhi intersection for the last four days. Among them, five office bearers were sitting on fast unto death. Karni Sena has got active in other parts also and an agitation was held in Mahidpur also. It claims to look after interests of the Rajput community i.e. Thakurs [Kshatriyas].

Home minister Narottam Mishra had said that the protesters are our own, there are no differences between brothers. 'We will hold discussions with them, will request them. We feel that they are our people and would agree to end the agitation. Jeevan Singh Sherpur, Shailendra Singh Jhala, Vinod Sunarthi and Bhawar Singh.