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Madhya Pradesh: Bureaucrat says he was made to feel untouchable like 'German Jew'

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BHOPAL: Upset over alleged mistreatment by a principal secretary, MP bureaucrat Niyaz Khan has said that he was made to feel like a 'German Jew'.

An official who has been repeatedly been transferred--shifted 19 times in 17 years of his career, Niyaz Khan, is known for exposing corruption and for taking on the high and mighty. 

In the latest incident, after Vivek Agarwal, the principal secretary, allegedly misbehaved with him, Khan apparently couldn't control his emotions and in a series of tweets, poured out his feelings. Agarwal had told him to 'Get out'. This had surprised other officers in the meeting as well.

Khan, a joint collector rank officer, tweeted '17 years in government service, transfer in 10 districts and 19 shiftings, I was always made feel untouchable, like a German Jew'. He had been upset over repeated transfers and alleged mistreatment for long but has now decided to taken on the 'system'.

He further mentioned, '..I exposed biggest ODF scam of the country and brutalities against Saharia tribes. Got built 600 Muktidhams and results: I was sent in loop line and guilty officers were given better opportunity to work. What sort of justice is this?'

In Guna, he had exposed the biggest ODF scam. However, Khan feels that this is the reason that he is often transferred. Khan had exposed corrupt practices of local authorities in implementing the Swachh Bharat mission.

This was when he had ordered weighing doors of 42,000 toilets that were constructed in the district after a random check. It was found that instead of 14 kg, the doors weighed just 4 kg--money was made out of remaining 10 kg from each door. This was just a tip of the iceberg as quality was compromised in entire project--exposing a scam to the tune of hundreds of crores.

In Ratlam, he had issued civil jail warrant against dozens of elected representatives and officials of panchayat bodies for alleged misappropriation of funds meant for construction of schools. However, Khan has to pay for it and the frequent transfers tell the story. "I have not been allotted even the government quarter in a year".

Meanwhile, Agarwal, the Principal Secretary, Public Health Engineering, told a Hindi newspaper that Khan hadn't come prepared for the meeting, hence he was scolded. Agarwal is considered one of the powerful officials. in MP Earlier in Shivraj Chouhan regime too, he wielded influence.

Khan says that there was a time when he had reached on the verge of depression but literature saved me from fall. He took to writing and wrote five novels in all these years. He says that he is no longer worried about consequences and would speak freely against the injustice.