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'Leave Gandhi surname, use your ancestors' real surname Khan', BJP leader attacks Rahul Gandhi

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Mukesh Pandey

BHOPAL/HARDA: Former minister and senior BJP leader Kamal Patel has said that Rahul Gandhi should remove 'Gandhi' from his name and instead use 'his real surname Khan'.

Patel, who was addressing a public gathering, said, "Rahul, remove the Gandhi in your name. Use your father-grandfather's real surname, Khan".

"Why are you defaming Gandhi ji", he went on to say. He also spoke about Rajiv Gandhi and even tried to give an impression that Firoz Gandhi's name was Firoz Khan.

In his Hindi speech, he said, "Rahul, Gandhi naam hataao, jo tumhara jo asli naam hai baap-dadaa ke daada ka...Khan woh likho....Gandhi ji ko kyoon badnaam kar rahe Gandhi ji hamare hain...tumhaare baap daada ke nahi hain".

Patel, who was earlier a minister in Shivraj Chouhan government, kept attacking Rahul, and said that 'he is our Gandhi ji, not your father's or grandfather's. You used his name to rule this country...".

Also, he said that 'misusing' Gandhi name, ruled the country for fifty years, the dynasty (your family) made money and brought poverty on people. 'You are Feroze's descendants, don't defame Gandhi. 

The controversial remarks were made in Harda district in Madhya Pradesh. Speaking further, Patel said that, "..Gandhi is ours...Rahul, your father was also a fake Gandhi". Patel who made the speech on Monday, claimed that Firoz Gandhi's surname was Khan in order to support his argument. 

Mukesh Pandey

An investigative journalist, he specially covers Western Madhya Pradesh. Mukesh has worked with several media houses in the past