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Lawyer who opposed NRC, CAA is murdered over social media posts criticising Brahminism

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AHMEDABAD: A lawyer who was associated with the BAMCEF and had received a threat for his social media posts that criticised Brahminism, was killed in Gujarat. 

Devji's photograph on his Facebook profile, stated that he was opposed to NRC, CAA and he had also put up a banner photo of Islamic holy places. He had recently been threatened and asked to stop writing posts that criticised the Upper Castes.

The assailant, Bharat Raval, who also hailed from the same town, had threatened him recently. In a post, Maheshwari had shared BAMCEF leader Waman Meshram's views that members of SC, ST and backward classes were not Hindu. The assailant came from Mumbai and attacked him in his office, stabbing him to death. 

Raval, who is an Upper caste, had reportedly told Devji in the past that he must stop sharing such views on social media. Maheshwari had refused and said that he would continue to post stuff that he believed in. On the basis of the CCTV footage, the man entering the lawyer's chamber was identified and caught.

The deceased's kin had refused to perform last rites till the arrests were made. Apart from Raval, eight other persons have been booeked in the conspiracy. Devji Maheshwari, who was member of Indian Legal Professionals Association and All India Backward and Minority Communities Employees' Federation, hailed from Rapar in Kutch town in the far Western state of the country.

There is also suspicion that he might have been killed over a case he had taken up pertaining to a land dispute. The police are investigating the circumstances that led to the killing. Five persons have been rounded up so far. Meanwhile, activists and locals have demanded a CBI probe into the killing.