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Journalist who became security guard after losing job commits suicide in Bhopal

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Special Correspondent

BHOPAL: A 47-year-old man, working as a security guard, committed suicide by hanging self at the ITI Campus at Govindpura in Bhopal recently. The man, hailing from Sagar, was reportedly a journalist before becoming a security guard after he lost his job about six months ago, police said.

While the deceased Naresh Patel left a suicide note saying that he was depressed due to his illness, the family members didn't specify any ailment afflicting Patel.

Patel’s son Akash, a class 12 student, told the police that his father worked as a journalist with a Hindi newspaper in Sagar till about six months ago, but lost job. He remained depressed after that.

After losing job, Patel moved to Bhopal and took up a job as a security guard with a private security agency. He was residing at Khushipura locality with his family.

He was recently deployed to the ITI campus as a guard, where he committed suicide.

The deceased is survived by wife and two sons, the other son being a student of class 10.