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Jammu and Kashmir's separate flag is history now, removed from secretariat, just tricolour will fly now

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NEW DELHI/SRINAGAR: The separate flag of Jammu and Kashmir that was hoisted along side the national flag, is now history. 

Days after J&K lost its autonomy, the state's flag was lowered at the secretariat where it was hosited every day for the last 67 years (since 1952-53 when the state's constituent assembly adopted it).

Though the Article 370 was scrapped, it took around 20 more days before the flag was done with. Just the national flag was flying high on the seven storey building in Srinagar.

Earlier, both the flags were unfurled in the morning and lowered in the evening--a tradition for more than six decades. Till Saturday i.e. January 24, 2019 both the flags were visible on the secretariat. But on Sunday, just the national flag was hoisted. 

The state had its flag--red with white stripes. The three vertical lines denoted the three regions viz. Jammu, Kashmir valley and Ladakh. Now, the state no longer enjoys autonomy and is a proposed union territory.

Though Article 370 had been diluted in the past, the symbol of separate identity--its state flag is also gone. Ladakh has also been separated from the region. After the centre's announcement earlier this month, he process of restructuring the region is currently on.