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In 'humble' MP CM's abode, only journos with car can drive in

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Senior Correspondent

BHOPAL: It was a shock for most journalists who were invited to attend a press conference in Chief Minister's residence on Saturday, when they faced 'class discrimination' in CM House.

Those who had arrived in cars, were allowed to get in while those who were riding two-wheeler were stopped at the gate.

This new arrangement surprised the journalists. "The security personnel told us that it was a security measure, however, we fail to understand this aspect of security as those in four-wheelers could get in without any check", said a journalist with an English newspaper.

Senior journalist Sudhir Nigam wrote a Facebook post, expressing his dismay about the arrangement. "I had a strange experience today....some journalists were stopped at the gate and were told that you are riding two-wheeler, you can't get in...then realised that journalists are poor and rich...I am a poor journalist", he wrote.

The feeling was shared by most journalists. They expressed surprise more because Shivraj Chouhan had successfully nurtured the image of a humble person over the years. He was known as 'paaon paaon wale bhaiya' as he used to walk for long distances in rural areas to meet people.

However, it is being felt that this has changed over the last couple of years. The press conferences don't entertain many (and mostly critical) questions. Talking to, journalist Sudhir Nigam said, "I could not understand the new security arrangement. If someone has to take something inside CM residence, then it is easy to take in, by a car, rather than two-wheeler.

And, cars were not being checked at all", Nigam further said. Journalists were upset with what they felt was discriminatatory attitude and a sign of growing arrogance.

The chief minister's residence is situated on a huge campus on Shyamla Hills. It takes a long to approach the press conference venue from the gate.

Indore-based journalist Ritesh Mishra has written a poem about the incident, which is also being shared widely on social media.

Only recently, CM's photo of his being carried by security personnel during flood inspection, had gone viral. It had also created an outrage across the country.

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had called the press conference to inform journalists about his visit to USA to seek investment. spoke to Principal Secretary to CM, SK Mishra, about the incident. Mishra said that he would call the security in-charge and would discuss the issue. "We will take steps to ensure that such an incident is not repeated", he further said.