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IAS officers transferred in six weeks after 'exposing' corruption in MP, now gets threat

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BHOPAL: A young IAS officer's allegations have thrown the entire bureucracy and state government in a tizzy in Madhya Pradesh.

Lokesh Jangid, a 2014 batch officer, had raised concern over allegedly excessive money paid for buying machines for Coronavirus management, and within 42 days, he was shifted from Barwani.

Upset, Jangid wrote in social media group of IAS association that he was shifted because 'Collector was not able to make money' and the latter got him transferred. Jangid was asked to remove the post but he refused to do so.

Subsequently, he was removed from the IAS association's group. Transferred eight times in four years, Jangid has now sought transfer to Maharashtra cadre. However, the state government is miffed. Though IAS Association has refused to stand by the young officer, there is a section that supports him. 

Rajya sabha MP SS Solanki too had praised him for his work. Also, many within the bureucracy feel that senior officials should protect young officers. However, Home Minister told media that the officers should maintain decency and should say things at appropriate forum. 

Jangid was posed as Additional Mission Director, Rajya Shiksha Kendra. But after the claims and allegations against collector, he was shifted. Jangid also suggested that wives of the top politician and bureaucrat are office-bearers in the same community organisation--Kirar Mahasabha, and this played a part in his transfer.

He also wrote a WhatsApp status that 'imaan-dari tera kirdar hai to khudkushi kar le, Siyasi daur ko to ji-huzuri ki zaroorat hai'.  Officers are divided over the IAS Association stand on the issue. In the group, he also wrote that, 'Nero gave parties, once light went off so started burning people to continue party'.

Meanwhile, a group of officers feels that he should have complained in writing--either to chief secretary or the general administration department, rather than expressing it in such a way. The state government has issued a notice to him. Besides, after his outburst, he claims to have got a phone call, threatening him. Jangid has made a plaint to DGP.