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'Houses of poor Muslims demolished for no reason, rehabilitate victims, book culprits'

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BHOPAL: Houses of dozens of Muslims were razed and their property damaged apart from their crop set afire in Murwas near Sironj in Madhya Pradesh. 

The incident occurred after a local BJP legislator alleged put pressure and forced administration to demolish the houses in the wake of a murder, asserts activist Mohammad Mahir. 

"Soon after the murder, the prime suspect surrendered and was arrested. However, the local MLA inflamed passions and acting on his directives, houses belonging to poor Muslims who had nothing to do with the incident, were demolished. This is height of injustice", says Madhya Pradesh Muslim Vikas Parishad that has raised the issue. 

The MPMVP has said that Sant Ram Valmiki's murder was over a personal enmity and the accused, Rizwan Khan, was caught. "The local legislator abused police and termed the administration 'impotent', following which houses of Muslims were razed, though they had no connection with the incident, at all".

"The MLA, Umakant Sharma, incited a mob that set afire the crops in the fields of Muslims, on March 21. It is startling that such an incident happens and a public representative who takes oath to serve people, leads a violent mob and acts with such impunity", says the Parishad, that has demanded action in this regard. 

Mohammad Mahir further states that when accused was arrested, why communal atmosphere was created amd people who had no link to the incident were targeted and their property-houses damaged. The Parishad has sought justice and demanded that the families who suffered should be compensated, rehabilitated and legal action must be taken against those involved in the demolition of houses.

Apart from Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Governor has been sent a copy of the memorandum, along with DGP and Home Minister. Arif Masood, MLA Bhopal (central) has condemned the incident and said that he spoke to the officials in the district, and has said there should not be such biased action. 

Meanwhile, Congress leader Sajid Qureshi has questioned role of his own party and said that after the incident, Congress formed a committee to look into the murder, but didn't speak about the communal attack or bothering about sending a delegation to look into the destruction of houses belonging to the Muslims.