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HORRIFIC: Man rapes five-month-old child, murders her in Indore, arrested

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INDORE: A five-month-old girl was abducted, raped and later murdered in Indore.

This monstrous act was committed by the infant's kin.

The accused--Naveen Gadge was identified on the basis of CCTV footage, and arrested. Gadge's wife also identified her husband in the footage, and said that the culprit was none other than her husband.. 

The kid was asleep beside her mother when the man took her away. He took the child to a nearby building and raped the baby for 15 minutes in the basement of the structure.

Later, he murdered the child. The investigators said that Gadge killed the baby as she was crying. He threw her from the stairs and her head hit the floor, resulting in the death.

The incident occurred at Rajwada, the heart of Indore. It is barely 200 metres away from a police outpost. Later, the accused was arrested.


The CCTV footage shows him carrying the child on his cycle. Nearly 15 minutes later, he was caught on camera, returning alone. Gadge confessed the crime and said that he was under the influence of liquor and a drug (nitrovate).

The horrific crime has shaken people in Madhya Pradesh. The state records the highest number of rapes in the country. Also, it has the record of most cases of child rapes.

But this incident of rape and murder with an infant has shocked people. The accused is a relative of the kid's family. Citizens came out on the streets and demanded death penalty for him.

Youths held demonstrations in different parts of the city. Local lawyers in Indore have meanwhile said that none of them would fight Gadge's case. The trial would be conducted in a fast track court.