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Hindu Samaj Party leader gives call for 'Muslim-free state', threatens to drive Muslims out of Jharkhand

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RANCHI: The leader of a right-wing outfit has given an open call for 'Muslim-free state' in Jharkhand. 

Gaurav Kumar Jha, who claims to be the state chief of Hindu Samaj Party, has said that he wanted to drive Muslims out of the state. 

Also, he said that he aimed at 'Islam-free' and 'Muslim-free' state. He was talking to a TV channel in a recent interview.

Jha further stated that he wanted every Hindu household to have a sword and went on to say that if possible he would like to distribute assault rifles, AK 47 and LMGs to Hindus, in order to take on Muslims. 

The open call for violence and threatening tone, is yet to draw any attention of authorities. Jha said that he was working under Kamlesh Tiwari, who heads the organisation. 

The video went viral after twitter user, Ravi Nair, shared it on social media. Jha, who has a twitter handle, has also said that apart from Muslims, he was also 'coming after Christians'. 

His Facebook account and a separate page shows him with piles of swords. However, responding to tweets, Jha clarified that he had nothing to do with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and said that he worked independently.