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Hindu godmen raise demand for Sanatan Board on lines of Madarsa Board to save Hindu culture

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BHOPAL: Prominent Godmen and preachers have raised the demand for Sanatan Board on lines of the existing Madarsa Board in the country.

The preachers who have a large following and lakhs of devotees, have said that Hindu students mostly go to Convent schools while other communities have their education system but Hindus have no such board.

Riteshwar Maharaj and Pandokhar Sarkar have both asked the government to initiate the Sanatan Board. In Bhopal, talking to media persons, Riteshwar Maharaj said that there was need for Sanatan Board in the country.

"For Hindu students, there is no opportunity to learn about Sanatan religion, traditions and culture in the government schools. It is unfortunate and hence the need arises. Hindus form 80 percent of population in this country and yet there is no Sanatan Board for them", he said. 

Pandokhar Maharaj, the well known preacher and head of the religiious seat in Northern MP, has also said that there was need for the Sanatan Board. He said that if there would be Sanatan Board, then 'Acharya and Yogis would come up. Also, there will be chanting and understanding of mantras". 

If the 'mantra vidya' doesn't get due respect, people would not have devotion towards deities in future and won't perform 'saadhna'. There is need also for 'mantra chikitsa vigyan', which is 'mantra medicinal healing' and hence funds should be earmarked. Once there is a fund, the students would come and get degrees properly'/