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Girls row boat daily to reach school in Madhya Pradesh, hope that bridge will be built soon

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BHOPAL: It is an extraordinary effort on part of these young girls. 

They row the boat every day, twice, in order to go to the school and then get back home later in the day.

The girls who belong to this hamlet in Sheopur district, have been making this risky journey for long.

There are 35 girls who make the trip twice a day in the boat. All the girls belong to Malpura, a hamlet in Sheopur district of Gwalior-Chambal region. The girls have to cross Seep river that divides Malpura and Sheopur. 

However, they hope that the bridge would be constructed on the river and they would be able to go to the school easily, without risking their lives. The families of these girls also have to take a long route in order to sell the vegables to Sheopur.

They too prefer the boat ride as it makes the distance shorter. The administration is aware of the problem. The plan to construct bridge was made long back. For almost two years, the work has been going on. Newspapers in the region have published reports in this regard.

Local residents hope that the constructionwork would be completed and the girls would not have to take such risky boat rides. But till then, life is as usual for these girls who take the arduous journey in their stride. [Photo courtesy: Bhaskar]