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Gaur stings: Plays opposition in MP, embarrasses Shivraj Chouhan govt

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BHOPAL: BJP is facing a peculiar situation in Madhya Pradesh. Its senior-most legislator Babulal Gaur has opened a front against the party.

The veteran politician has been embarrassing the BJP in the Assembly over issues ranging from poor financial state of the state government to delay in inauguration of Metro Railway project at Bhopal.

Gaur, 87, was home minister but during the recent reshuffle, he was asked to quit. Though he resigned, the senior leader who is an MLA is now leaving no stone unturned in embarrassing the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government.

On July 20, he put Minister for Animal Husbandry Antar Singh Arya in a spot, over a question regarding 'gau-shalas'. The minister was stumped as officials of his department couldn't respond to questions about 'gau-shalas'.

Clearly, Gaur has put the BJP in a spot with his sharp questions and by raising the failures of the BJP. The trouble for BJP is that the minister from its own ranks is taking the government head-on, and on issues that hurt it.

Gaur, a former Chief minister, had recently attacked the government over distribution of poor quality of wheat. He said that the quality is such that after consumption, people fall ill. Gaur said that he had visited localities and had seen that the quality of wheat was extremely bad.

When the replies are not satisfactory, Gaur goes on to say, "I pity the minister". Gaur's stature and his connect with the citizens in Bhopal, makes it even more difficult. He has openly said that he is unhappy over the manner in which he was sacked.

Gaur has said that he didn't get so much hurt even when he was asked to step down, when he was chief minister. His statements and comments get wide attention in the media too. While Assembly session is on, it is not Congress but Gaur who seems to be playing the role of the main Opposition.