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FIR against Zee news anchor Sudhir Chaudhary for inflammatory prime time show

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NEW DELHI: A case has been registered against Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary for an allegedly inflammatory prime time show. 

The FIR was registered for the programme that linked even activities like 'buying land', 'attaining education' and 'secularism' with 'Jihad' as part of a long list. 

The show was criticised for Islamophobia earlier too. Tere was shock and anger visible on social media as well, when it was telecast. Holding that it was objectionable, defamatory and divisive, a complaint was made and subsequently the case has been registered in Kerala. 

Chaudhary himself claimed that he 'has been booked under non-bailable sections' and on prime TV, conducted a fresh programme, saying that he was targeted. In a report on Zee News website too, it was regretted that the case 'under section 295 A of IPC was registered'.

This particular show (for which case has been registered now) was aired sometime ago (March 11, 2020). In this programme, terms like 'aitihasik jihad', 'zameen jihad', 'jansankhya jihad', 'shikhsa jihad', 'aarthik jihad', 'film aur sangeet jihad' and 'media jihad' were used. 

Besides, there were other terms ranging from 'media' and 'dharm nirpekshta' were linked to suggest as if it was part of a conspiracy. Chaudhary himself tweeted that a 'case under non-bailable section' was filed against him in Kerala. 

".The award for exposing inconvenient facts.A clear msg for media.If u don’t toe the decades old pseudo-secular line you’ll be behind bars...", he further mentioned in the tweet. Chaudhary also said that this was the new 'terror template of some politicial parties. Recently, anchor Arnab Goswami was interrogated after a case was registered against him in Maharashtra.

Goswami was accused of promoting enmity among sections of society over the comments made during his programme on Palghar lynchings. Similarly, a complaint has been filed against another anchor, Amish Devgan, though in this case the police are yet to register a case.