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Faith leaders call to stay at home, wash hands with soaps and maintain social distancing to fight Coronavirus

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Senior Correspondent

BHOPAL: Faith leaders from Bhopal are coming forward and appealing to people to fight Coronavirus pandemic.

In video appeals issued by leaders of all faiths, they have called to keep patience, stay at home, hand wash with soap and maintain social distancing to fight Coronavirus.

Among those who have issued appeals include Paramveer Sing Vazi, Pradhaan Gurudwara Prabandh Committee, Bhopal, Hafiz Mohammad Arif, Imam of Massom Masjid, Bhopal, Syed Ayub Ali, Secretary, Payam-e-insaniyat unit, Bhopal, Astavakra Puran Vikas and Jain monks Gyansagar ji Maharaj.

Besides, there are leaders including Chandanamati Mataji, Pragyashramani Aryika, Gyamati Mataji, Ganinpramukh Aryikashrimoni,  Bhante Shakyaputra Sagar, chief monk, Buddha Bhumi, Bhopal, Jaikishan Lal Chandani, Chairman Idgah Hills Sindhi Panchayat,  Didi B K Awadesh, Regional Director, Brahmakumaris, Bhopal and other.

The appeals have been made in the past as well. Earlier, the Shahar Qazi of Bhopal and the Archbishop of Bhopal Diocese Dr Leo Cornelio had also issued appeal earlier on praying at home in their support to fight Coronavirus.

Appeals by faith based leaders, who have large following and appeal with people is important in current times of Coronavirus as people listen to these leaders and behavior might change, says Dr Swati Tiwari, Trainer, and social worker. 

“Engagement of faith based leaders in Coronavirus response is critical in conveying correct preventive messages, such as  hand washing with soap and water, maintaining respiratory hygiene practices of  covering mouth and nose when sneezing and social distancing to help the state to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our communities” shared Michael Juma, Chief UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh.