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'Factshala' training to check spread of social media misinformation held for media persons

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BHOPAL: An online training programme called 'Factshala' aimed at avoiding spread of misinformation on social media was organised for media persons by DataLEADS – a digital media and information initiative and UNICEF office of Madhya Pradesh.

DataLEADS trainer Ghazala Yasmin spoke to the media participants from Bhopal, Indore and Gwalior on the concept and stressed the need of using evidence based social media information and not sharing any unverified messages.

She informed that 'Factshala' is a news and information literacy programme launched by Internews in collaboration with DataLEADS with support from and the Google news initiative. It aims to help people to assess and critically evaluate information.

Dr Santosh Shukla, State Immunization Officer spoke on the importance of evidence based media reporting, particularly for subject like immunization and mentioned how spread of right information can help to support immunization.

Dr Vandana Bhatia, Health Specialist, UNICEF urged the participants to keep writing and talking about COVID19 appropriate behaviours and to verify all information before sharing on social media. Media representatives from newspapers, radio, online news portals were present at the online meet. 

Anil Gulati, Communication Specialist, UNICEF, facilitated the meet, and said that this practical training which will help in supporting efforts of the state government on COVID19 and this will be followed by two more rounds of meeting - with faith based leaders and spokespersons of different political parties in December itself.