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Elderly man dies in bank queue in Sagar of MP, fourth such death in country

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Special Correspondent

Bhopal: A 69-year-old man died in Sagar of Madhya Pradesh while standing in the bank queue to exchange old currency. This is the first such death in Madhya Pradesh and fourth reported since Friday in the country in the bank queues.

Insensitivity of people was evident during the incident as the senior citizen remained prone before the bank for at least 30 minutes but people did not leave the queue to come to his help.

Some people called up police (100) and ambulance (108) numbers, but they too did not reach for 30 minutes. Finally when he was taken to a nearby hospital in a private vehicle, he was declared dead.

Sources said that the Man, Vinod Kumar Pande, was a retired BSNL employee and he joined a serpentine queue before the Union Bank in Makronia of Sagar on Saturday morning with old currency notes (of 500 and 1000) worth Rs 4000.

The bank is on the first floor and there was a long queue stretching till the road. After some time, Pandey fell unconscious. However, none of the people moved out of the queue to help him, though some called the emergency numbers.

On Friday, two deaths from Kerala and one from Mulund in Mumbai (Maharashtra) were reported where people died while being in the queue to exchange old notes.

In other incidents in MP, villagers looted a fair price shop in Badwaha of Chhatarpur after refused food grains for old currency notes. In Morena, people created ruckus and damaged property at a branch of Indian Overseas Bank due to delay in dispensation of old currency notes.

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