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Doctor throws Rs 500 note, tells patient to go to PM for treatment, plaint to police

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BHOPAL: A doctor allegedly threw Rs 500 currency note when it was offered to him by a patient in Gwalior.

Besides, he is accused of having asked the patient to go to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to get himself treated.

The incident occurred in Shinde Ki Chhaoni locality in Gwalior. Upset, the patient's kin have approached the police.

They contend that it is disrespect to Indian currency and action must be taken against the doctor. The complainant, RK Shivhare, had taken his son along for treatment to Dr Mukesh Changulani's clinic.

Shivhare alleges that the doctor refused to take Rs 500 currency note (old) and threw it, saying that, 'jao Narendra Modi se ilaj karwa lo' (Go, get PM Modi treat you).

Shivhare insists that he had told doctor about the announcement that those in health services can take old notes. He claims that though he spoke about the order that those in health services can take notes, he was mistreated and forced out of clinic.

Later, the complainant--RK Shivhare approached the offices of the District Collector and the Superintendent of Police (SP). He made the complaints to the officials about the incident.

The doctor insisted that he was a private practitioner and didn't come under ambit of emergency services, said reports in local media.

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