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Digvijaya Singh targets BJP leaders over comments on Lord Hanuman, responds to Shivraj's remark

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INDORE: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has attacked the BJP over comments regarding Lord Hanuman, especially, the claims abut his caste.

Singh said that the BJP leaders are looking at the deity from a caste prism and this is shocking.

"It is highly objectionable. They need to apologise. In fact, Akhada Parishad should take cognisance of such remarks and must dissociate itself from these people.

Responding to a question, he said that the tiger is no longer with claws and teeth. This was in response to the question about Shivraj Chouhan's statement that 'Tiger abhi zinda hai', suggesting that even in opposition, he would take on Congress now.

Without naming Shivraj, Diggy said that the vanishing species would be conserved. Singh also said that the middle-men ruled the roost during the BJP's rule and appointments were made after charging particular amount. He said that steps need to be taken to improve the system.

Singh had come to Indore when he spoke to journalists. This was his first visit to the city after the Congress' victory in the Assembly polls. Regarding Vyapam scam, he said that the government had tried to suppress the probe. Now, it has to be seen how fair probe is conducted into the multi-layered scam.