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Cop who led religious procession like a politician, faces action in Madhya Pradesh

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Ranjeet Gupta

SHIVPURI: A policeman has been suspended for taking out a procession from inside the police station and leaving his uniform.

Riding a horse, he led the procession that allegedly violated the service conduct rules.

Ripudaman Singh, who headed the Amola police station, took out a Dussehra procession from the police staton.

In fact, he rode a horse and led it. Singh was wearing a pugree (not the police cap) and was dressed in white (instead of khaki).

The participants played DJ and many of them were carrying swords. After the video of the procession came out, senior officials took action against him.

Singh has been suspended. The procession started from the police station and went up to Sirsaud. As it culminated, Singh had also addressed the local residents. It was more like a politician, not a civil servant.

The officials said that there were violations of service rules and hence he has been put under suspension. The DJ played loud music and several other norms were also not followed. It was deemed as indiscipline too and he has been sent to the district reserve police line, barely 45 days after he had been posted here.

Ranjeet Gupta

A senior journalist, Ranjeet Gupta overs Gwalior-Chambal region. He has had a long stint in journalism and has worked with major dailies including Dainik Bhaskar in the past.