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Congress leader gets death threat from 'Nathuram Godse supporter', files plaint with police

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BHOPAL: A Congress leader has got death threat on social media after his post about a plan to hang the effigy of Nathuram Godse, the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, on October 2.

Zakir Ali had posted this on Facebook. However, soon after the comment, he got a threat on social media from a person who wrote that he would bump him off just like Godse had killed Gandhi.

The man, Hargovind Singh Lodhi, wrote that 'just like the bullet was hit in the chest of Gandhi, you would also be shot similarly'. The person also wrote, Jai Jai Shri Ram, at the end. Lodhi hails from Sagar district. 

On his Facebook profile, Lodhi mentions himself as a RSS worker. In his bio, he mentioned that he was tehsil pramukh of the RSS in Malathaun in Sagar district. Zakir Ali later approached the police along with the screen shots of the threat and made a complaint with the Cyber Cell of the Madhya Pradesh police.

In his complaint, Zakir Ali said that he was given an open threat that he would be murdered and the Father of Nation was insulted in the post. He has sought action in this regard. The police have begun inquiry into the case.