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Computer Baba's ashram demolished, gets arrested and sent to jail in Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: The Ashram of Baba Namdev Tyagi alias 'Computer Baba', a Godman, was demolished in Madhya Pradesh. 

'Computer Baba' and his supporters who opposed the action, were arrested and sent to jail. The officials claimed that it was unauthorized construction and hence, the exercise was undertaken.

The Baba's Ashram was located in Indore. Bulldozers brought down the entire Ashram. However, the temple on the premises was left untouched.

Computer Baba had openly given a call in favour of Congress during the last Assembly elections and had campaigned for the party. In return, he was given the status of minister in Madhya Pradesh, when Congress formed the government. 

However, after Jyotiraditya Scindia switched sides and the government fell, the situation changed in the state. 'Computer Baba' who was seen as a Congress backer, was apparently on the radar. The district administration initiated the action and razed the constructions today.

Just a couple of days ago, Congress legislator Arif Masood's college in Bhopal was targeted and a part of it was demolished. Now, comes the action on a 'Godman'.The officials said that notices were served and when there was no response, the action was taken. The administration said that as Baba and his men tried to stop the action, they were arrested and jailed.