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College expels medical student over beard in Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: A college student was expelled from a private college because he refused to shave his beard.

Mohammad Asad had been warned that if he didn't remove his beard, he would be expelled from Arihant Homoeopathy Medical College in Barwani.

Having failed to get remedy from authorities, on Monday, Asad posted his video on Facebook, which led to an outpouring of support. After the post, the hashtag #IstandwithAsad went viral. "No action has been taken as yet and now i have decided to take up the fight to court", he has said.

Asad says that he kept beard because of religious reasons and refused to shave it. This angered the principal MK Jain, who ordered expulsion of the student.

After the expulsion, Asad was given a transfer certificate with tampered attendance. "They mentioned that I didn't attend a single class though I was a regular student".

Asad says that he was discriminated against and the principal humiliated him on a regular basis. "They have also given me TC after tampering records so that no other college would admit me", he says.

College principal MK Jain says that beard was not the reason for taking this action. "He wanted TC and we gave it". Jain says that there was no discrimation. But the student says he has audio-recording to prove how principal targeted him.

The district administration is yet to take action. A complaint was made to Collector's office but there is no action. Collector Tejaswi Naik has now said that he would look into the charges of discrimination on religious grounds.