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CM Shivraj Chouhan says PESA Act will lead to empowerment of tribal community

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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the PESA Act has been implemented for the economic and social progress of tribals and to make them empowered. This act is in the interest of all the citizens of the society.

It is not against any citizen of non-tribal society. The PESA Act will be applicable in the villages in the Scheduled Areas, this Act will not be applicable in the cities. The PESA Act will strengthen tribal brothers and sisters who have been left behind in the race for development.

Chouhan was addressing the PESA awareness conference at Kukshi in Dhar district. Here, sitting on a cot, he interacted with Sarpanchs of 40 Gram Panchayats of 4 Janpad regarding the rules of the PESA Act. The Chief Minister flagged off Krantisurya Jananayak Tantya Bhil Gaurav Yatra from Kukshi after offering prater and also participated in the yatra.

Chief Minister said that everyone should have rights over water, forest and land. According to the rules of PESA Act, now Patwari and Beat Guard of Forest Department will have to bring the village land map, Khasra, B-1 copy to the village once in a year and show it to the Gram Sabha, so that there is no disturbance in the land record. . If any discrepancy is found, the Gram Sabha will have the right to recommend the correction of the record. Patwari will have to read out the details related to the land in the Gram Sabha meeting.

He said that there is a provision in the rules of the PESA Act that the permission of the Gram Sabha will be necessary for the survey and land acquisition to be done in any project of the government’s plan. Now no one will be able to grab the land of any tribal citizen by deceit and force. If someone does so, the Gram Sabha will have the right to get it back. 

CM said that attempts to convert people by persuasion and then to grab the land of tribal community will not be allowed. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the Gram Sabha will decide whether or not to award contracts for mineral mines, which include sand, ballast and stone mines. The society will have the first right on the mine, then the women of the village and then the men.

Gram Sabha will manage irrigation ponds

Chouhan said that the state government has made ponds in every village. The complete management of these ponds will be done by the Gram Sabha. The Gram Sabha will decide whether to rear fish in the ponds or not. The income from the pond will be given to the Gram Sabha. The management of the pond which irrigates 100 acres of agricultural area will now be done by the Gram Sabha, not the Irrigation Department.

Gram Sabha will have right over forest produce

Chief Minister said that the Gram Sabhas will have the right to collect and sell the forest produce – Mahua, Harra, Bahera etc – obtained from the forests within the boundary of the village and to decide the price. Gram Sabha has been given the right to pluck and sell Tendupatta. There will be no interference of the government in this. The government will do this work only when the gram sabha wants it to. The Chief Minister said that if Tendupatta is to be plucked this year, the Gram Sabhas will have to pass a resolution soon by December 15.

Gram Sabha will take the decision of village development

CM said that only the Gram Sabha will make an action plan for village development. The amount received by the Gram Panchayat can be spent only after the permission of the Gram Sabha. A labourer going out of the village for work will have to first inform the Gram Sabha where he is going to work, the address of the place where he is going to work, so that the interests of that labourer can be taken care of by the Gram Sabha. If any outsider comes to the village, he also has to inform the Gram Sabha. The Gram Sabha will also take care that the labourers get full remuneration.

New liquor shop will not open without permission of Gram Sabha

He said that without the permission of the Gram Sabha, new shops of liquor and bhang (cannabis) would not be opened. Gram Sabha can recommend removal of any liquor shop. If there is a school, hospital and dharamshala near the liquor shop, then the Gram Sabha can send a recommendation to the government to remove that liquor shop from there. Gram Sabha will have the right to take action against liquor shops operating illegally.

Gram Sabha will settle minor disputes

Chief Minister said that a peace and dispute resolution committee will be formed in the villages and minor disputes will not go to the police stations, they will now be resolved in the gram sabha itself. Before registering an FIR in the police station against any person in the village, the police have to inform the Gram Sabha.