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CM hoists BJP flag as national anthem plays, Congress calls it dishonour to national flag

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BHOPAL: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is in the midst of a controversy after he hoisted party flag at a function in Madhya Pradesh. 

Alleging that Shivraj Singh Chouhan unfurled his party flag just when national anthem was being played, the opposition has called it a serious issue. 

Attacking the Chief Minister, Congress has said that it was a serious lapse and a dishonour to national symbols.

This incident occurred at Khajua near Rajnagar in Chhatarpur district on Monday.

Chouhan had gone to attend an event that was part of the statewide ‘Chalo Panchayat’ campaign being organized by Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM). At the venue, Chouhan hoisted the flag but it turned out that this it was a party flag.

Meanwhile, national anthem was played at the event. The Congress leaders have said that it was disturbing to see that instead of national flag, the BJP's flag was unfurled when the national anthem was being played.

The opposition accused the BJP leaders of saluting the party flag. Congress leader Bhupendra Gupta said that it was a shocking scene. "That it happened in Chief Minister's programme, makes it extremely disturbing", he said.

BJP has tried to play down the incident and said that while national anthem is played at an event, the opposition has no reason to object it. It said that there was nothing objectionable.

A party spokesman later told media that even when national anthem is played, the opposition (Congress) can't digest it. He said playing that national anthem and having the party flag hoisted where two separate things and Congress is desperate to attack the BJP over non-issues.

Meanwhile, the Congress has retorted that BJP can play national anthem but they can’t hoist party flag when national anthem is being played. Sources in the BJP said that it was indeed an embarrassing incident, and that the opposition has got an issue to target the ruling party.

Earlier, speaking at the event, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that there was power shortage in the state during Congress’ rule and the condition of roads was extremely bad.

He said that BJP has brought power to towns and villages apart from laying roads and bringing development to rural areas. The BJYM campaign is part of the BJP's strategy to reach the rural areas ahead of the Assembly elections, which are slated later this year.