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CHILLING: Doctor cuts employee's body in hundreds of pieces, dissolves in acid, gets arrested

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BHOPAL: A doctor allegedly cut his domestic help's body in hundreds of small pieces and tried to dissolve them in acid. 

Police said that the accused now been arrested. The killer allegedly had illicit relations with the victim--Viru's wife. This incident occurred in Hoshangabad district, which is close to Bhopal.

The accused--Dr Sunil Mantri, 56, an orthopaedic, who was posted in the Itarsi government hospital, was arrested from his residence when he was trying to dissolve the body parts in acid. The officials recovered four saws and can of acid.

The body parts were being dissolved in bucket and other utensils. Virendra Pachauri, 30, alias Viru had got suspicious that doctor had illicit relations with his (Viru's) wife and this led to a row. During preliminary investigation it was found that the doctor had given a sedative (injection) to Viru.

When he fell unconscious, the accused killed him by slitting the throat.  Some body parts had already been dissolved and they were flushed down the toilet. The neighbours had earlier complained that there was stench coming out of the house.

The police officials said that the body was cut in over 500 small pieces. The sewage line would now be dug to recover the body parts that had gone down the drain. Large amount of acid and the equipment used in the crime have been recovered. 

The doctor's wife had passed away more than a year ago. His son and daughter, both live in Mumbai. The accused is being interrogated. Police also suspect the role of the victim's wife and is quizzing her.