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BJP slated for landslide win in Madhya Pradesh; form govt for fifth time in 20 years

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BHOPAL: Ruling BJP is all set for a massive victory in Madhya Pradesh, closing in to win about 163 out of 230 seats in state assembly.

The party will form a government for fifth time in 20 years and Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a four-term chief minsiter has played as important role in the victory as the magic of prime minister Narendra Modi that seems to be still ruling the roost in Hindi heartland.

The BJP increased its vote share in this election. Compared to 2018, it got 7.5% more vote. That is an achievement in itself. Kamal Nath failed to deliver. Congress could not benefit despite such a long period of anti-incumbency. Nath failed to charge up workers and voters.

As a result, Comgress that had won 114 seats in 2018 Assembly election, came down to a mere 66. BJP that had 109 seats last time, came victorious with a thumping majority of 163. BJP's vote share increased and went up by 7.53%. Congress' vote share came down by nearly 0.49%.

In all, Congress got 1.75 crore or 17.5 million votes in Madhya Pradesh. BJP under Shivraj Singh Chouhan managed to get over 2.11 crore or 21.1 million votes. After Digvijaya Singh had become CM twice in 1990s, BJP had won election  under Uma Bharti. After her, Babulal Gaur had a short stint and since then Shivraj Chouhan remained CM.

Last time Kamal Nath became CM for 1-1/4 years but his govt fell after Jyotireditya Scindia's defection. In 2023, Chouhan led from the front. UPDATE: Dr Mohan Yadav was chosen ultimately to head the central Indian state. Yadav hails from Ujjain.district.