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Bizarre: Madhya Pradesh man files police complaint against Sun for ‘harassment’

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Special Correspondent

Bhopal: This is how weird it can get. A man from Shajapur district in Madhya Pradesh has filed a police complaint against Sun for ‘raining fire and physically and mentally torturing’ him.

The bizarre police complaint has been filed at Kotwali police station of Shajapur by a complainant named Shivpal Singh who has demanded that legal action as per provisions of Indian constitution should be initiated against Sun. He has said that this would bring relief to him and his fellow citizens.

Shivpal Singh has said that since past one week, it was raining fire in Shajapur causing him serious mental and physical suffering.

‘Shreeman Suryanarayan’ (Mr Sun God), resident of ‘Brahmand’ (universe) was responsible for this torture. ‘Shreeman Suryanarayan’ was crossing his boundaries and making it difficult for people to survive. ‘Grave situation of mute animals and scorched condition of trees and plants was evidence of the continuing torture’, the complainant has said.

While the superintendent of police of Shajapur Anil Sharma remained unavailable for comments despite repeated attempts, it remains to be seen what action the police initiates in the matter.


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