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Bhopal: Warden accused of sexually exploiting minors but police register assault case

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BHOPAL: A hostel warden in Bhopal allegedly sexually exploited minors but the police haven't registered a case of sexual abuse.

As many as 15 minor boys who are in the age group of 7-11 years were sexually exploited, allege members of a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

"While boys have been exploited, the police haven't registered a case in this regard. Instead, they have booked the warden for assault", said Anjum Bano, social activist, in a press conference today.

The incident has occurred in the hostel of a goverment school in Bairagah, a township in Bhopal. Even after the complaint was made, the FIR was initially not registered. by local police.

Later, when matter reached Superintendent of Police, FIR was lodged. However, case of sexual exploitation was not registered.

"The warden would come to the rooms of kids at night and sexually abuse them. fterwards, he would threaten them of dire consequences, if they revealed their ordeal", the activist further said. The accused is yet to be arrested.

NGO Muskan that works for women and childen's rights, had informed police about the incident. However, its representatives allege that the police seem soft on the accused and are not taking action under POCSO (Act).

"The accused made objectionable videos of children after stripping them and touched them inappropriatedly. On the basis of the statements of the victims, case should be registered as per the law", Anjum had said. 

The warden has also beaten up kids and some of them have sustained injuries. "We urge the government to take tough measures and provide compensation to the victims and their families.

Besides, action should be taken against the warden and he must be booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO)", the activist said.