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Bhopal: Mission to transform squalid spaces with art, makes him ambassador for cleanliness

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BHOPAL: No big organisation or group, just a mere desire to keep the city clean.

That's how, a youth decided to do his bit for transforming the city for better, through individual efforts and seeking assistance from friends and residents.

The self-driven, Syed Faiz Ali, took upon himself the task to clean the parts of the city, that drew his attention. However, a few years down the line, he has managed to prove the example of ‘one-man army’. It's never easy to create a change, especially, in public spaces. 

But the feeling that Bhopal is a glorious city known for its unique history and culture, ought to be kept beautiful drove him. He started with cleaning drive. Later on, friends and youth joined him. Then, he went beyond and took the work to the next age i.e. beautifying public spots in Bhopal.

Over the past decade Ali has managed to give a makeover to some of the filthiest spots in the city and now these places have become attractive and people take a halt to click pictures, admire the art as well as take selfies at those places where they once, moved past in a hurry to avoid stench. 

"I love this city, it's my town and my place of birth. It has marvellous structures, natural beauty and unique cultural traditions. It pained my heart that such a wonderful city losing its sheen, due to carelessness, especially, the fact that streets, walls, ancient buildings are being used to dump garbage", he says.

Thus he started and used his own resources for beautification--art work, graffiting and painting, at such places that had become dirty. Over a period, the work got attention of people as well as authorities. Even the civic body and officials were  A social worker who was very active in helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic, Faiz Ali has been working for a decade now to acknowledging and helped.

"I encourage people to keep their environment clean and healthy", he asserts. The best part of his initiative is that the garbage dumps are not only cleaned up, but completely transformed.

They are beautified with paintings and other embellishments in such a way that they turn public attractions.nHe started out solo in his efforts and faced initial hiccups, but slowly people have warmed up to the initiative and many have joined his cleanliness campaign – thus creating a team.

His efforts have made him a brand ambassador of the Swachh Bharat Mission and now he works in association of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation. This is an example of how self-motivation, dedication and perseverance can take you forward in your journey and create a positive impact on the society.