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Bajrang Dal cadre 'raids' police station, frees leader from police custody in Bhopal

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BHOPAL: In a shocking incident, scores of Bajrang Dal workers forcibly made their way into a police station and freed their leader who had been in the custody of police. 

Despite heavy police presence, the staff at the police station failed to stop while a detainee was being taken away, forcibly. This incident occurred in Bhopal on late Friday night. 

The Bajrang Dal leader Kamlesh Thakur was found drinking at a public place in Arera Colony.  He allegedly misbehaved with the local policemen and abused them.

The police personnel caught him and brought him to the police station. However, as the news about Thakur's detention spread, a large number of Bajrang Dal workers reached the Habibganj police station. 

They forcibly entered the police station and took away their leader from police custody. The policemen present on the spot couldn't even stop them from taking away Thakur from the police detention.

A sort of victory procession was taken out and the Bajrang Dal men danced on the streets.

It was only after media persons reached the spot and asked the top officials that a case was later registered against them (Thakur and Bajrang Dal men for stopping public servant from discharge of duty). 

However, Thakur [photo on the left] is yet to be arrested. The accused, Kamlesh Thakur is regional co-convener of the Bajrang Dal.

The oficials say that an inquiry would be conducted to ascertain the circumstances that led to Bajrang Dal cadre's entry into police station and the manner they took away their leader from the custody. [Photo courtesy]