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Arson, violence during youths' protests over new army recruitment scheme in India

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Violence was witnessed across different states in India as youth came out to protest against the new army recruitment scheme.

Arson and attack on public property, damages at bus stands and railway stations and attacks on trains took place. 

Visuals of the violence were visible in states ranging from Rajasthan to Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Angry youths blocked traffic and staged road blockades. In Haryana's Palwal, there was violence and stone pelting after arson and the subsequent chaos.

In Bihar, the army aspirants came out early in the day to hold protests. There was vandalism in over half-a-dozen districts. Many trains had to be cancelled as a result. The inter-city express train at Babhua road was set afire while youths chanted slogans against the scheme.

There was stone pelting and the youths attacked a BJP legislator's vehicle in Nawada. The protests took place in Arrah, Kaimur, Jehanabad, Chhapra, Nawada and many other districts of Bihar. Policemen were also injured in the violent demonstrations that took place in different parts of the country.

In fact, the protests had begun on Wednesday. However, they got violent on Thursday. In MP's Gwalior too, railway station was targeted and attacked. The youths' are upset with the short-term recruitment scheme under which aspirant would serve the army for a period of four years.