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Apathy towards Assembly elections, slogans against political parties in Madhya Pradesh

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Mukesh Pandey

HARDA/BHOPAL: Even though it's election season but indifference is in the air.

In towns after towns, people say they are 'fed up' with politicians and sadly, with the electoral process. 

People are putting up slogans on the walls, not just against elections but asking political parties not to enter the area.

From Northern part to Central region of the state and in Western part, this phenomenon is witnessed everywhere. 

In Bhopal, banner asking political parties not to venture into their area appeared in Awadhpuri. In Gwalior-Chambal region, people in a village put up a poster outside the settlement, asking political parties not to enter. 

Why the 'boycott Assembly polls 2018' call?

These are the people who are fed up with politicians as their most basic demands haven't been fulfilled. Take for example this locality in Harda where people don't have access to clean drinking water and there are no toilets. 

Anita, wife of Sharad Shrivas, said that ever since she came here after marriage in the year 2005, she had to go out for nature's call. She takes her daughters along. There are no drains, dirty water on the street and no civic amenities.

Residents say that during rains the locality, Piliyakhal, becomes an island--even ambulance can't come in case of medical emergency. Two days ago they put up a banner that they won't vote.

However, the residents say that no one pays attention to their suffering for years. Instead of sensitizing voters or trying to help them, administration registered a case of defacing wall (public property) due to the message on the wall.

Shiv Shankar and Sunita say that the situation is often so bad that they have to walk by railway line and despite surveys, toilets were not constructed. Aarti, a private school teacher, says that she goes to her grandmother's house to use toilet. 

Mukesh Pandey

An investigative journalist, he specially covers Western Madhya Pradesh. Mukesh has worked with several media houses in the past