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'Any meat termed as beef without forensic examination, misuse of act': Allahabad High Court

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LUCKNOW: The Allahabad High Court has expressed concern over the misuse of the provisions of UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act.

Especially, the manner in which police were making arrests and innocents were being caught and booked, even though it is not established if the recovered meat was beef.

The issue pertaining to the miuse of the provisions of the act and the harassment of innocents came up during the hearing on a bail petition in the High Court. 

Rahmuddin was booked in a case of cow slaughter and accused of sale of beef under sections 3,5 and 8 of the Act. The judge observed that the act is being misused against innocent persons. 'Whenever any meat is recovered it is normally shown as cow meat without getting it examined or analyzed by the Forensic laboratory..."

"....In most of the cases, meat is not sent for analysis. Accused persons continue in jail for an offence that may not have been committed at all and which is triable my magistrate 1st class, having maximum sentence up to 7 years". In this case the applicant was in jail even when there was no allegation against him in FIR and he was not allegedly arrested from the spot either. Hence, court considered the material on record and allowed his bail plea, reports Live Law