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Ancient remains, over 1000 year old, found on Narmada banks in Raisen of Madhya Pradesh

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Sravani Sarkar

Bhopal: Remains of ancient villages and temples, likely to be 1000 to 1500 years old, have been found on banks of River Narmada near Udaipura of Raisen district in MP.

The remains have been found at a spot known as Singnath Kuti near Madla-Narhara village, about 11km from Udaipura. The remains have been spotted by Vinod Tiwari, secretary of central India unit Bharatiya itihas Sankalan Samiti.

“The remains include broken pottery, ancient bricks and idols and statues in broken state. By the engravings the idols seem to be of Parmara era (9th to 14th century) and by size of the bricks they seem to be of 6-7th century AD,” Tiwari told

The most interesting find is a broken idol of Lord Hanuman with a dagger in hand.

He however added that the information on the findings along with photographs have been given to the Commissioner (Archaeology and Archives) Ajatshatru and Raisen district collector Lokesh Jatav. He said further explorations with other team members would be made in the area.

Tiwari said that the bricks are of 33cm length, 20cm breadth and 7cm width. A part of a brick wall is also visible during the digging. The digging work was being carried out for construction of a temple at Singnath Kuti.