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After 11 daughters, woman gives birth to son, says she was taunted for not having son

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JAIPUR: A woman who had given birth to eleven daughters, finally had a male child.

The twelfth, a son, was born in a hospital in Churu in Rajasthan. The woman said that earlier she had 11 daughters and people often taunted her for giving birth to girls. The preference for male child is a major issue in India and women suffer terribly because of the mindset in the society. 

Guddi, who hails from Jhadsar in Churu district, said that not only locals mocked at her as she had no son. Her husband, Krishna Kumar, also wanted a son, she further said. The 42-year-old said that her eldest daughter is 22-years-old and three of her 11 daughters are married. 

Among the rest, three are studying in private school, the others go to government schools and two are yet to be enrolled in any school. It was on November 20 that she had labour pains and was brought to the government hospital, where she gave birth to the child. 

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Apart from locals and her neighbours, her husband also wished to have a son for the progeny to continue. It may seem strange but it is still believed in large sections of the society that a male child carries the family name. Despite social campaigns, the situation hasn't changed much. 

The preference for son is a major cause of concern in Indian society. In fact, women who fail to give birth to sons, face stigma. Apart from Guddi Bai, there is the case of Laxmi who gave birth to ten daughters before she had a male child. Also, in another instance, a woman, Bhagyamma, in Karnataka too had a son after 11 daughters.

Rama Krishnappa, 45 and his wife, Bhagyamma, were desperate for a son. The son, a 12th child, was born to the couple in Kurkenahalli in Madhugiri (Tumkuru district) of Karnataka. The couple said that there was social pressure on them. This incident was in the year 2017.

It is a fact that women are under severe pressure to give birth to a male child, though biologically it is not in their hands. Guddi was unable to recollect names of all her daughters. When asked how she manages the household and takes care of so many kids, she just responded with a smile.