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72% of abducted minors are girls, on an average 16 girls abducted every day in MP

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BHOPAL: On an average 16 girls were kidnapped or abducted each day in Madhya Pradesh in the year 2018. This has been revealed in latest National Crime Record Bureau’s (NCRB) report “Crime in India” -2018 released recently.

According to the report, Madhya Pradesh registered third highest number of cases of kidnapping and abduction of children among all states in the year. Total 7951 victims were recorded under the category of kidnapping and abduction where 72.53% victims were girls.

Further indepth analysis by Child Rights and You (CRY) revealed that 27% rise in cases victims of kidnapping and abduction of minor girls was recorded in 5 years i.e between years 2014-2018. The NCRB data states that the number of girl child victims of kidnapping--an increase from 4546 in 2014 to 5767 in the year 2018.

There was a considerable decline in this number in the year 2015 when this figure decreased to 3590 but it again jumped to 4091 in the year 2016. The NCRB data also revealed that teenage girls are prone to kidnapping and abduction in Madhya Pradesh.

In all 94% cases of kidnapping and abduction of girls were reported in age group 12 -16 years and 16-18 years. This percentage is 92% at national level. The NCRB 2018 data suggests total 2219 girl child victims were of age group 12-16 years and 3214 girl child victims were of age group 16-18 years in Madhya Pradesh.

Analysing the data Regional Director, Child Rights and You (CRY) North, Soha Moitra said “This is alarming that 94% of minor girls who were kidnapped or abducted in the year 2018 in MP were of age group 12 to 18 years. Usually, there is a generic response towards such trends that girls of this age group elope. This is high time we should break this narrative as these girls might be pushed into child labour, domestic trade and even sex trade”.

55.8% rise in cases under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act in a year in MP. Another important fact revealed in the NCRB data was rise of 55.8% in cases reported under POCSO. Act in a year. In the year 2017 the number of cases registered under POCSO Act in MP was 1569 which increased to 2445 in the year 2018. MP reported 3 rd highest cases registered under POCSO Act.

Maharashtra topped the list with highest 6233 cases followed by Uttar Pradesh that reported second highest cases i.e 5401. MP reported highest cases of minor rapes under Sec. 376 IPC in 2018. Madhya Pradesh topped the list of states reporting highest number of cases of minor rapes (Sec 376 IPC, Excluding Rapes under Sec 4 & 6 of POCSO Act). In all 2830 cases of minor rapes were recorded in MP in the year 2018.

Expressing her concern over the present scenario of girl child in Madhya Pradesh on the eve of National Girl Child Day, Soha Moitra said whether it is about safety, health, education or nutrition, girls are vulnerable at every stage. While some major efforts have been taken to ensure child protection by the state government, a lot more is needed to see expected results on the ground.

There is a need to build confidence of girls at a tender age to empower them physically as well as mentally. CRY does that through bringing together adolescent girls and providing them a platform where they can share their concerns and participate in age appropriate discussions. The 40 year old non-profit organization believes that a sport is one of the vital tools to give wings to their dreams”.

National Girl Child Day

On 24 January, National Girl Child Day is observed every year to give support, new opportunities to the girls in the country. This day is celebrated to raise the awareness among people about all the inequalities, discrimination, exploitation faced by the girls in the society. It was first initiated in 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Cases of kidnapping and abduction reported in Madhya Pradesh from 2014-2018 by NCRB:

Year  Boys  Girls  Percentage of girls

2018 7951 2184 5767 72.53%
2017 7259 2014 5245 72.25%
2016 6114 2023 4091 66.91%
2015 5306 1716 3590 67.65%
2014 6393 1847 4546 71.10%

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