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400-year-old Barudkhana in Burhanpur damaged after being bulldozed by illegal colonizer

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Special Correspondent

BHOPAL: A 400-year-old ‘Barudkhana’ -  an ammunition depot constructed in historical Burhanpur of MP by Emperor Akbar’s famous courtier Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana – has been damaged severely after being bulldozed by an illegal colonizer.

The colonizer, who did not have any permission for either land diversion or construction, using the bulldozing machine to break a wall of first floor of the heritage structure and also dug deep trenches around the entire building to weaken its foundation, local sources said.

The heritage was saved from total demolition after a local archaeologist Qamaruddin Falak reached the spot recently after getting information about the damage.

He informed the district administration, following which the tehsildar inspected the damage and also got an employee of the colonizer arrested for illegal digging and pre-construction work being carried out at Boharda Road.


According to the local historians, the Barudkhana – an ammunition depot – was used for storing arms and ammunition as a name suggests. Burhanpur being an important city on the way to Deccan – a lot of war strategy was drawn here by Mughal rulers.

It is said that Raja Jai Singh – king of Amber (Rajasthan) and senior general in Emperor Shah Jahan’s force – reportedly used this base extensively for war preparations. The Barudkhana was originally three-storey with one of the floors underground. The ground floor is also in a bad condition currently due to lack of conservation.

Sravani Sarkar

Sravani Sarkar has been a journalist for three decades. In the past, she has worked with Lokmat Times, Indian Express, Hindustan Times & The Week