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35 years after ex-royal, seven term legislator was killed in 'encounter', 11 policemen held guilty

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LUCKNOW/JAIPUR: More than three decades after Raja Man Singh, the scion of an erstwhile princely state and seven-term legislator, was killed in an 'encounter' with police in Rajasthan, a court has delivered judgment in the high-profile case. 

As many as 11 policemen were held guilty for the 'encouter'. The extra-judicial killing had taken place 35 years ago, in 1985.

Raja Man Singh and his associates were killed in 1985. He was contesting election as an independent and was facing retired IAS officer Brijendra Singh from Dig. 

CM Shivcharan Mathur had come to campaign for Brijendra Singh. The Congress supporters had removed Raja Man Singh's (Bharatpur state) flag and put up their party flag. Upset, Raja Man Singh had rammed his Jonga jeep into the CM's helicopter that was parked in school ground. 

After the incident, a complaint was registered against him (FIR filed by pilot). Later, on the next day, policemen waved at Raja Man Singh, asking him to stop. When he was reversing the car, policemen fired at him. This resulted in the death of Raja Man Singh, Sumer Singh and Hari Singh. 

After the three were killed in cold-blood, a case of murder was registered against 18 persons. The plaint was made by Raja Man Singh's son-in-law. CBI conducted probe after there were allegations of political pressure. CM Shivcharan Mathur had to resign after the incident.

The accused have been awarded life term. However, it has taken 35 years for the court to deliver the judgment. The case had been shifted from Bharatpur to Mathura district court (UP) on the Supreme Court's directions. Nearly a 1,000 documents were produced, hundreds (over 1,700) dates of hearing fixed over these years and 20 judges transferred all these years, before the court could pronounce a judgment in this case.

Some of the accused died in this period. The case had hit national headlines and led to CM's resignation. After all, the deceased was brother of the last ruler of Bharatpur state. Late Man Singh was also a minister in the era of the princely state, besides serving as second lieutenant with Army and a seven time legislator from 1952 to 1984.