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12-year-old rape survivor gives birth on way after hospitals turn her away, rights panel takes cognisance

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BHOPAL: A 12-year-old rape survivor went from one hospital to another but was refused admission and ultimately she gave birth to a child near a village on way to Rewa.

This incident occurred in Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh. The girl was brought to Gohparu hospital but she was told to go to Shahdol. However, in Shahdol too the doctors kept passing the buck.

She was not admitted at the Kushabhau Thakre district hospital, which is the biggest in the entire division. Subsequently, she was referred to Rewa. It was a long journey and on way, she gave birth to a child. 

The 12-year-old was raped by a man in Gohparu earlier this year. Apart from the social stigma and pain, she had suffered till now, it was compounded by the pain she suffered because of the insensitive officials at the hospitals. The girl was finally admitted in bad shape in Rewa hospital after giving birth to the baby. 

The MP Human Rights Commission (MPHRC) has taken a strict view of an incident that government hospitals refused to conduct childbirth and referred her to hospital in Rewa, about 120km from her hometown. The MPHRC has served the notice upon Shahdol district collector, superintendent of police and chief medical and health officer for the gross negligence in the case. 


After media reports, the issue was raised in the child welfare committee meeting as well. It was decided to provide a financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh (meant for rape victim) as well as providing legal assistance. The officials said that they would speak to the family and take steps to provide all the assistance to the girl.