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Bhopal encounter: Protest in USA, Indian Americans want Shivraj's dismissal

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BHOPAL: The protests over the killing of nine persons including eight alleged SIMI operatives and a jail security personnel have reached foreign land.

In America, a protest was held in Boston. The protesters criticized MP government for justifying the extra-judicial killings.

The speakers expressed concern about growing brazenness of authorities over the failure of law-and-order.

A number of people gathered at the historic Boston Common to protest against the recent extrajudicial killings of eight undertrials in Bhopal.

The speakers said that it was wrong to call under-trial prisoners as terrorists. The participants signed a petition to be sent to Consul General of India in New York.

“We ask that current Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh to be sacked for his biased role in this matter. He had reportedly called the victims of Bhopal encounter "terrorists" even though no terrorism charge was proven in any court of law. In a public meeting he justified the extra judicial killings”, reads the petition.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind the government that encounter killings are against the Constitution of India and any official participating in it, involved in cover up, or supporting or justifying it is acting against the Constitution and should be immediately fired and punished for crime against the nation.

Various speakers highlighted that it is wrong to call these undertrials as "terrorists" as there were no terrorism charges against them, let alone being proven as such in a court of law. The petition mentions Aler encounter and expressed concern over persecution of the marginalized communities in India.