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Social media meet on Mission Life stresses on collective action for protecting environment

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Senior Correspondent

BHOPAL: A social media meet was held on May 30 at the Environmental Planning and Coordination Organisation (EPCO) office on the theme of ‘Mission Life’ – a public movement to mobilize pro-planet people, an initiative of the ministry of environment, forest and climate change.

The meet was organised jointly by the EPCO and UNICEF office of Madhya Pradesh.

Speaking to social media influencers, Lokendra Thakkar, coordinator, State Knowledge Management Centre on Climate Change, EPCO gave details of the objectives of Mission Life. He said that it is designed with the objective to mobilise people to take individual and collective action for protecting and conserving the environment.

He spoke about the seven categories of Mission Life, which are energy saving, water saving, reduced use of single use plastic, sustainable food systems, waste reduction, adopting healthy lifestyle, and e-waste handling  He said climate change is real and we can see the change in our weather system. It is important that we take steps to preserve our environment. He shared information on ‘meri life’ portal and ‘meri life’ app too. 

Narendra Singh Chouhan, WASH Officer, UNICEF Madhya Pradesh shared practical tips to save environment and climate change like saving water, saving electricity, say no to plastics and waste reduction and recycling. 

Anil Gulati, Communication Specialist, UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh anchored the programme, and said that as social media influencers we can spread information powerfully so that it not only brings awareness but also promotes action. “Let's contribute to this by taking individual actions and spreading key messages of the Mission life,” he called. 

Discussions were held on various themes and all participants took the Mission Life pledge to commit to the theme. Around 40 participants from Wassup Bhopal, radio jockeys, singer Vani Rao, Pallavi Agarwal, Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma, Rajiv Kapoor, Abhivyakti, Pinky Tiwari, Anuj Pathak, Siddarth Jain, Sharbani Banerjee, Deepak Rai, Piyush Sharma and members of media club of People’s university were among those present at the meet.